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    EHS system

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    sustainable development
    Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (EHS) all of our operating activities is an integral part.
    We adhere to the sustainable development strategy, always bear the environmental and social responsibility, commitment to protect employees' occupational health and safety, environmental protection and corporate facilities from the harmful effects, and actively promote clean production, to ensure the company has a long-term competitive advantage for the community and future generations leaving the blue sky.
    Adherence to regulations and take responsibility
    We strictly abide by the laws and regulations related to national and local standards, and actively implement the Responsible Care guidelines and global pharmaceutical supply chain code of conduct, establish and strictly follow the safety, health and environmental protection programs.
    We abide by the ethics and codes of conduct, conduct business in accordance with ethical and code of conduct, maintain its authority to ensure that the staff uphold our values.
    We always adhere to the road of responsible business operations, undertake environmental and social responsibility, continue to meet the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and community needs until beyond the stakeholders.
    Process Safety and Risk Assessment
    We believe that sustainable development is key to the company's risk prevention outstanding performance. We strive to implement process safety management, and insisted: All commercial chemical manufacturing process of reaction processes and unit operations are using HAZOP method for process hazard analysis (PHA), the analysis of the results of a risk assessment, to take appropriate engineering controls and management measures ensure complete before being put into use, thus reducing EHS risks. Nature is to protect employee safety device safety and health conditions. We take hydrogenation plant automation and control facilities, the temperature of the hydrogenation process, pressure, etc. emergency cut off the chain of control.
    Employee safety and occupational health
    We care for employees, providing them with safe and healthy working environment.
    We move on to the key device closed, automated transformation, thus effectively reducing exposure to pharmaceutical active ingredients, to avoid damage to employees' health.
    We develop standard operating procedures standard operating procedures, to provide to meet the protection requirements of PPE to employees based on job hazards, prevent occupational injuries in the production process.
    We regularly organize safety and health training, covering raw materials, technology, equipment, operations, EHS codes of conduct so as to enhance EHS awareness of employees, improve employee skills.
    Environmental protection and clean production
    We attach importance to environmental protection, sustainable development and the use of environment-friendly technology, optimize the existing process conditions, gradually lifting equipment airtight, automation (setting centrifugal single room, feeding a single room, turn the material is stored using nitrogen delivery and setup balance tubes, etc.) levels, is committed to to conserve natural resources and improve energy efficiency, reduce the maximum impact of energy consumption, emissions and products on the environment.
    We actively carry out clean production audits, to reduce energy consumption from the source. Chemical reaction heat, material handling, ventilation and air conditioning systems are the main source of the company's energy consumption, but also our key links to improve energy efficiency. Optimization of refrigerating medium, use of waste heat, the use of energy-saving equipment, frequency conversion and transformation technology adoption has seen energy saving results.
    We try to recycle and reuse byproducts generated during the production of hazardous waste were commissioned by the local environmental protection departments have approved the disposal of hazardous waste treatment units certified disposal.
    Emergency Response and Crisis Management
    We have established crisis management mechanisms to adequately respond to the crisis due to various accidents triggered.
    We are extremely focused on accident prevention, including the gradual improvement of the comprehensive plan, specific plans and contingency plans for on-site disposal systems programs, establish internal and external emergency communication channels and maintain a smooth flow. Companies use all possible opportunities to provide emergency response knowledge, training, organization of various emergency exercises, try to accident damage to personnel, facilities and the environment to a minimum, control and reduce the impact of accidents, hazards.
    We have established a strict business continuity plan to ensure continued supply of products to meet the needs of customers and patients.
    Product stewardship and product registration
    We are equally concerned about the development, testing process, risk control, to put into commercial production before the R & D, pilot projects and technology transfer projects for process safety, high active pharmaceutical ingredient health effects, risk assessment and other systems of environmental emissions.
    We are in the process of the development process must address how to waste, wastewater, emissions to a minimum level, how to use the least amount of harmful substances critical. Only in this way, the development process before it can be introduced into the production chain.
    Management systems and inspection audit
    We have implemented a fully integrated EHS management system, strict implementation of national and local laws and regulations, and actively promote RC and PSCI guidelines, actively managed EHS services, to ensure continued compliance with the company's operations policies and legal requirements and meet customer needs.
    We are committed to continuously improve EHS management performance, the implementation of territorial management, clear responsibility and authority, will incorporate EHS performance evaluation, and constantly improve the company's EHS management level.
    We regularly organize various types of EHS-site inspection, give full play to the functions of territorial self-examination, to develop a detailed corrective action plan and follow up the implementation risks, thus preventing and reducing accidents.
    Our industry experts regularly commissioned to external auditing firm in the production and management activities in the implementation of the EHS regulations, while carefully EHS customers and third parties to accept external audits.

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